Our Story is simple, we were tired of having soaking wet bathing suits after getting out of the water. We decided to combat this problem by investigating natural water repellent characteristics that can be combined with fabric. We then found a textile supplier who was focused on creating a solution to our mutual problem. Frank Anthony Swimwear is unlike any other on the market.  Utilizing Hydrophobic Nanotechnology, we have created a Swimwear that will allow you to go to the ocean, out to lunch on the pier, at the gym, or have a night out with friends - without having to change. 

We are a swimwear brand focused on restoring prestige and innovative designs to the Swimwear Industry. We offer a wide range of swimsuits in all types of sizes and styles.   We create each collection to become a new piece that can be worn for your life’s best adventures.

 We are based in the Toronto, Canada and have partnered with a leading Swimwear manufacturer. We have actively worked with our suppliers to assure that our collections are tailored to look exactly like the design we have created. We have given specific requests to our fabricators so that each design may also function to our demand. Our manufacturers have over 50 years of experience producing luxury swimwear. They hold a great reputation for delivering high-grade Swimsuits as well as respecting customer deadlines.


Reinventing the Markets:

Our Swimwear is comparable in construction quality as well as being similarly designed to several similar designer swimsuits being sold for hundreds of dollars. We offer each collection at such a low price by cutting out the middleman and completely eliminating all branding mark ups, so each buyer can expect luxury swimwear without luxury price tags. 

Top Standard:

Although we sell for the lowest price possible, we are not compromising the use of the highest quality materials to ensure the durability and longevity of each swimsuit.

 High-end look for your life's adventures

By assembling collections of luxury-inspired pieces and nevertheless maintaining a subtle and clean look, we are assured that our Shorts and our Women's Swimwear can be worn to even the most prestige Beach Parties. 


Our team of creative and passionate employees is dedicated to ensure your complete satisfaction with our company. We choose to carry the most current, quality trends to offer the best selection of swimwear. Constantly changing lines guarantee that some of our classic designs will match your lifestyle wants and needs.  We will go to great lengths to keep our customers completely satisfied with the FRANK ANTHONY experience. We are undoubtedly a 100% customer-focused brand. By putting all our attention to the end-user experience, we hope to create a happy and successful Beach/Swimwear Brand.


In order to begin to understand what is hydrophobic nanotechnology and how it works, it is important that we breakdown the words and get a detailed understanding of what the components are.

Hydro: Relating to Water

Phobic: A persistent fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a desire to avoid it.
Hydrophobic: Property of a substance that repels water; does not absorb water.
Nano: Indicating extreme smallness; used to name units of measure “one billionth” (10 -9)
Technology: The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.
Nanotechnology: The ability to construct/the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale.
Hydrophobic Nanotechnology is the engineering of a water repelling substance developed/based at the molecular scale.


We have recently expanded our Men's Swimwear brand into a Men's and Women's swimwear brand. Offering, both, Regular and Plus Size Collections for both genders - in our new Hydrophobic Nanotechnology fabric - we are determined to reinvent the swimwear industry for all.